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Minutes for September 24, 2008

Fall Meeting of Koshare Wayfarers

Attendance: Mike, Peter Wiin, Doug, Ryan V, Steven V, Cole, Walter, Ryan F, Kevin

Unavailable: Cale, Nick, Stephen J, Jeff, Peter Wil


The 2008 Koshare Membership Fee is $50.00 (First Four Arrows Insurance is $45.00 due by October 31st + $5.00 Koshare Group Fee)

We need updated contact information for everyone. Ryan will email a form once he creates one.


Advisors: Ryan F & Cole

Cabin/Web Master: Peter Wiin

Treasurer: Peter Wil (needs to be confirmed)

Secretary: Doug

Outstanding Debt: Doug is owed roughly $230 from the group.

Cabin Rentals:

All non-Koshare rentals go through the Camp

Koshare Member rental fee is $50.00 per weekend

No fees for work weekends

Cabin Work Day Saturday, October 4, 2008

9:30 to roughly 5:00

Please confirm attendance by Friday, September 26, 2008

Also confirm what tools/materials you can bring with

Already confirmed: Walter, Kevin, Cole, Peter Wiin

If you can't attend this weekend please let us know if you're available Saturday or Sunday October 18-19 (the weekend after Thanksgiving).

Main task: finishing underneath the cabin


Mike is organizing so confirm with him ASAP. He needs to know numbers in order to plan accordingly.

Septic Tank:

The other group (23rd Toronto) is planning to install a septic for their cabin and wanted to know if we wanted to be involved (i.e. hook our cabin up to it). We'd need to raise $10,000 for next spring/fall. It was decided that it would be incredibly difficult to raise the necessary funds in that short amount of time.

Kilarney Summer Canoe Trip:

Mike, Andy, & Nigel are planning to do a Kilarney canoe trip this August and wanted to know if anyone else was interested. It would be for 7-10 days going across the park. Since it's a popular park, they'd need to book campsites in the winter. Please let Mike know if you're interested.

If anything is missing please let us know and we'll discuss it over email.

Next Meeting: Wine & Cheese November 19, 2008. Details TBA