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Minutes for April 9, 2008

Roll Call: Cole, Ryan F, Peter Wiin, Steven & Ryan V, Doug, Walter & Stephen J, Kevin

Seems there was some confusion about the date of the Casino Rama Fun Raiser. The date is Saturday, APRIL 19th, 2008. Here are the details you need to know that came to light during the meeting:

A) Our current confirmed number is 53. The bus holds 48 people. Barb is going to see if we can get a bigger bus. The larger bus holds 55 people. That means, if we get the bigger bus we only have room for 2 more confirmed people. At the meeting, there was 13 unconfirmed people. SO, we're still looking for 2 more people. EMAIL ME AS SOON AS YOU CONFIRM ANOTHER PERSON. We've reached our limit, I'll send out another email informing everyone.

B) We are going to see if it is possible for the bus to make two stops; one in Markham, the other in Ballantrae. If this happens the Markham time won't change (1:30pm) and the Ballantrae time will be a half hour later (2:00pm). The contact person in Markham will be Barb Villani and in Ballantrae, it will be Peter Wiinholt.

C) Barb will email us with the details tomorrow or Friday.

D) Ryan will be contacting everyone by phone next week for confirmation.

Other things discussed at the meeting:

1. Work Weekend (April 26-27): Currently we have 12 attending work weekend. The plan is to write a memo to the camp informing of them that the majority of our members are attending. There are 2 undecided people. At the meeting, Ryan F was the only person unable to make it outright.

2. Tracker Weekend (May 3-4): Knife Making!

3. Victoria Day Weekend (May 17-19): Crownland Camp: Confirm attendees - Cole, Peter Wiin, Ryan F (sort of)

4. Sunday, June 8: Hike, Meeting, and Early Registration. Cole is planning a hike which ends at a restaurant for a meeting where we will have registration forms ready to be filled out for next year (and collect insurance fees too)! Location TBA

Summer (and beyond) Plans:
i. July 3-13: Timber Wolves Summer Camp. Volunteers? Contact Paul R.
ii. Late July: Cabin Work Week/End to finish insulating the bottom of the cabin
iii. September: Wine and Cheese Party!

That should be everything. If there's more please mass email everyone.