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Feb. 18, 2007

Current Minutes:

Oct . 9, 2007

The annual Koshare business meeting was held at the Wayfarer Cabin at Endobanna.  In attendance was Doug McGruther, Ryan Fukenaga, Peter Wiinholt, Mike Izzo and one welcome guest.  In spite of the low numbers it was decided that critical decisions had to be made as the original organizational meeting scheduled for August had not taken place.

1. Registration:  The basic registration rate is $40.  There was no talk of a levy at the meeting, but that was probably an oversight and an additional fee should be discussed.  I would like to suggest $20 at this time, for a total of $60, just so that it can all be collected at the same time and we don't have two bouts of chasing down people.  Forms are available from Ryan F. or Barb, or can be downloaded HERE.  Completed forms and fees will be collected by Ryan F. over the next two weeks "even if I have to collect them door to door!" (says Ryan)  In particular we are looking to register the following people:
Doug M., Peter Wilson, Peter Wiinholt, Ryan F., Ryan V., Steven V., Cale R. (who will have to mail it in as Ryan won't pick it up), Mike I., Cole M., Nick S. (please mail), Cory R.,  Jo M. (also please mail), Jeff G., John B.
Possible additions who should be invited would be graduating members of the Raven group and any of the Phoenix group who may have an interest.  Peter Wiinholt will put out an e-mail invitation to those prospects.  The projected membership number should settle within the 10-15 range. 

2. Cabin:  Peter Wiinholt will take over the duties of Cabin Master.  Bookings for the cabin will happen through contacting him at 905-473-4282, or (preferably) through an e-mail account to be set up shortly, which will be kosharecabin@pwiin.org
Cabin bookings will be posted on the Koshare Calendar found on this web site.   
Immediate cabin issues will be addressed within a one month period.  These issues are:
a) Hydro:  Ryan F. will obtain all of the hydro information and arrange for the current bill to be paid.  He will also change the account so that future bills are sent directly to him, to facilitate payment. 
b) Hydro payment sharing:  Peter Wiinholt will ask for a meeting with Matt Weland on the Sat. afternoon of work weekend to discuss the question of how to divide the hydro bill, as other camp buildings are currently connected to the cabin meter.
c) Insurance:  As we have received no information about payment for insurance, Ryan F. will look into the matter.  Perhaps it can be on the agenda for the Work Weekend meeting with Matt.
d) Rental policy:  We need to have clarification on the policy and restrictions regarding who we can rent the cabin to.  Cabin rental is a primary source of income and needs to be addressed if we are going to meet our financial obligations.  
Peter Wiinholt (pwiin) will also be acting as the Web Master of the site.  If you have anything that you wish posted or modified on the site, you can also use the above e-mail address to contact Peter.

3. Advisors:  Ryan F. shall take the position of senior advisor, with Cole M. taking a co-Advisor position.

4.  Fund Raising:  Another Casino Rama trip is planned for January, -hopefully the second weekend.  A second Rama trip will probably aim at early June.  The organizational team for this project will be Mike I. and Barb V.  

5.  Camping!:  Mike wants to go camping. What a novel idea!!  The proposed date is the weekend of Oct. 19 - 21, which is in the very near future.  The destination will be Crown Land site.  Contact Mike if you are interested in going and hopefully we can get a few more to attend than we managed back in August.  We'll post updates for the trip in the "Bulletin Board" page of the site.

Some current questions which we will have to address:

-We need an updated contact list.  Once Ryan has copies of all the registration forms, I will generate a list and put it up on the web site.  If anyone is opposed to their contact information being posted, please let pwiin know.  Perhaps I can create a shielded page.
-I need to know who has possession of camp and cabin keys.
-We need to promote the use and rental of the cabin in order to generate more income.
-We need to have a social event, Pub night or other gathering between now and Christmas in order to get everybody together.  I would recommend a date in mid November.