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Feb. 18, 2007

Oct . 9, 2007

Nov. 23, 2007 - Swiss Chalet, Markham

Last night's meeting was nice to see (almost) everyone and we got a lot of things accomplished. I just want to give everyone a copy of the highlights of our meeting, specifically upcoming important dates. Here they are:

* Thursday, December 13th @ 7pm - Holiday get-together at the Lion in Stouffville
* Wednesday, January 16th @ 7pm - Winter Meeting @ Swiss Chalet on highway 7, east of McGowan (not in front of Markville mall!)
* January 19-20 - Cabin Work Weekend

Things that we are doing right now:

* Organization of Casino Rama Trip. No firm date, but it will be after our winter meeting. Reminder - start asking friends and family to see who's interested so we can fill the bus. Barb Villani has stated she will help us with the organization but that doesn't mean she's doing everything.
* Empty Cabin of all food - Peter Wilson said he'd probably be heading up during the week soon. Contact him if you can help.
* Peter Wiinholt is writing our acceptance of the terms for the Cabin. Please contact him before this weekend with dates for booking the cabin so we can give them to the camp when we hand in the agreement
* Ryan F will be transfering the hydro bill to the camp this week

Budget for fund raising: -majority will go toward cabin maintenance with a minor amount being set aside for non-cabin related group events

Work projects at the cabin, both long-term and short-term:

* Finish securing underneath the cabin with chicken wire & insulation
* Fix stairs with grip tape & reinforcements
* tile around the fireplace
* empty all "unnecessary" items
* acquire plastic bins with lids for dish, pots & pans, and glasses
* fix dead electrical socket behind stove
* relabel all breakers in power box
* New front door with new knob & lock
* Put down new indoor/outdoor carpet
* Deal with the shed
* Create new "House Rules"
* Get water to the cabin (very far future plans)

At the meeting the following people can keys to the cabin - Peter Wiinholt (has two sets), Ryan V, Steven V, Peter Wilson, and Jeff. In the near future a copy of the keys needs to be given to the camp.

Cabin Rental - now goes through the camp but Peter Wiinholt will act as our contact person with the camp in this regard. Rental fees are waved if members participate in camp organized work weekends (different from group organized ones). It has been suggests that the group charge a nominal fee of 20 dollars per rental to group members to help with the costs of maintaining the cabin. All rental dates must go through Peter Wiinholt as the camp can rent the cabin as part of the whole camp.

NOTE: group still owes Doug 230 dollars

Future Plans:

* Spring Camp
* Spring Pipe Ceremony

Sorry for the long email but I wanted to document all the things that were said at the meeting. If anyone has any other information that should be passed along to the group, please hit "reply all" so everyone gets the information. This email has everyone's email, including Paul Richie's and Mike Izzo's but excluding Nick Short's. We need Nick Short's contact information.

See you all in December (or sooner),