Feb. 18, 2007

Formal Minutes to follow.

This is the gist :

1. It was decided that the focus of the Koshare Wayfarers shall be 

    A.  To register for membership a viable group group each year.

    B.  To maintain and administer the Wayfarer Cabin at Endobanna

    C.  To offer assistance, where the opportunity exists, to the other sections of 1st Four Arrows.

...with other activities, and ventures being organized at the discretion of the individual members.

2. Registration for members not currently registered as leaders in other sections shall be $35 plus a $25 operating levy.  Those already registered as leaders are only required to pay the $25.  Barb Villani has offered to manage the regisstration.  The form and payment should be mailed to her so that she receives it no later than Mar. 10.  Her address is:

                B. Villani
                156 Brimwood Blvd.
                Scarborough, ON
                M1V 1C5

Cheques are to be made payable to "Koshare Wayfarers".  Forms can be downloaded HERE.

3.  Cole McLaughlin along with either Mike or Doug will be acting Advisor for the group and will also act as Secretary.

4.  Our co-Treasurers will be John B. and Peter Wilson.

5.  Geoff will continue as Cabin Master.  His e-mail should be up and running again within a week.  Bookings for the cabin must still go through him by e-mailing at   , and all bookings will be posted on the Koshare calendars. 

6.  Events have been set in motion to organize another RAMA event for this spring.  This is critical, as our bank account at this point is close to nil.  Mike and Barb V. will spearhead this venture.  It will depend on members being able to deliver warm bodies on the (yet to be determined) date for transport to RAMA-land.   >>More to follow.

6.  We will have quarterly meetings to make sure that our communication lines are working well.  There is a follow up meeting to this one to be held on Mar. 15th.  See calendar for details.  Other regular meetings have been set for the first Sunday in May and the Sunday before Labour Day in August.

7.  The August meeting will be our registration meeting.  Prospective members should register on that date or by mail shortly afterwards.