We are hoping to assemble a group of about 8 - 12 boys
between the ages of 12 - 14.
Potential new members are chosen from boys that we think will work well together to create a strong group.

What Kinds Of Things Will We Do?

Adventure, challenge and fun are the three main elements of our program. Everything we do is real. We don’t baby our Explorers. There are real solos, real nights spent in shelters, tough hikes, real ceremonies... We’re not afraid to push you.

Our camps are often deep in the wilderness. Other times we go to sites like Warsaw Caves to practice particular skills, like shelter making. At times our camps are in more comfortable surroundings when we what to focus on a particular skill without having to deal with all the routines of camping or survival.

Our program is divided into four main parts:

1. Wilderness survival is the main part of the program. After our training you will be an expert in survival shelter and fire making, along with finding and preparing food. Learn your skills well and we would be able to drop you in the wilderness with just a few tools, and you would thrive.

2. Nature awareness is one of our main goals. You will learn how to use your senses in new ways. You will learn how to become an invisible part of your surroundings. Using your senses and your intuition, you will be able to communicate with nature in ways you can not imagine.

3. Tracking animals and humans is a major part of our program. Tracking is useful for both survival and for awareness. Tracking skills allow you to look at tracks and see a whole story.

4. Native culture and meditation skills allow you to get more in touch with your body, your senses and your intuition.

We do not use a badge program. Explorers prove their skills and earn beads that are put on a necklace. Different colours symbolize different levels of ability and different skills. A full description of our Bead System and the requisite skills can be found on our web site.

All activities are supervised by two or more adults who have extensive experience and qualifications.