We are hoping to assemble a group of about 8 - 12 boys
between the ages of 12 - 14.
Potential new members are chosen from boys that we think will work well together to create a strong group.

What Kind Of Commitment Do I Have To Make?

The basic commitment is the weekly meetings and the essential camps. We often build one skill on another, so missing things will create big gaps and frustration. Most boys who get involved in the group want to participate in all of the optional activities as well. Some times of the year can be busy, especially the Fall and Spring.

Explorers have to be willing to support the group activities and participate fully. In a boy’s life, family and school must be most important, but we hope that our activities will fit in somewhere near the top of the list after that. Members need to participate and to ``trust the process``.

Parents need to support the group as well. There will be times that we require drivers for events and other help. One condition of a boy’s membership as an Explorer is that the parent attend a Parent Meeting two or three times a year. This meeting is important to the staff to be sure that parents are fully informed. It also allows us to let parents know what kind of help we need to do our job properly.

At times parents may be required to help provide transportation to and from events, but often our leaders are capable of handling transportation. Gas money for leaders is factored into the trip costs.