We are hoping to assemble a group of about 8 - 12 boys
between the ages of 12 - 14.
Potential new members are chosen from boys that we think will work well together to create a strong group.


What Will It Cost? What Will I Need?


All leaders for the Explorer Troop are volunteers. There are no paid positions.

There is an annual membership registration fee of about $100.

Camp costs just cover expenses such as transportation and campsite fees. This usually amounts to about $25 plus the cost of food, which is often organized by the boys.

Expenses for the optional, longer trips will vary.

Boys will require their own personal camping equipment such as backpacks, sheath knives and sleeping bags. These must be of a certain quality to meet program standards. Other things, such as proper hiking boots, raincoat and other camping gear will be necessary, but can be purchased over time. There are also many inexpensive alternatives. Be sure to consult the staff before making purchases. We have a lot of experience in purchasing equipment and will be able to advise parents on what to get.

Group equipment such as tents, stoves and cook kits are all provided by the group.



How Do I Join?