The first Phoenix Explorer Group operated roughly from 1999 to 2001.
Having left Scouts Canada, after about a year, a small group of boys approached me
wanting to re-establish a group. Bringing in a collection of new Ballantrae boys,
this new group became the SETON Explorers, unaffiliated until it merged with
the First Four Arrows Explorer group in 2000 as the Phoenix Troop, under the umbrella of the A.E.B.P.

The second Phoenix Explorer Group grew out of an expansion of younger boys added to the first group.
It operated from 2001 to 2004 and accomplished a great deal in both physical and non-physical skills.

Summer Trip 2004

PHOENIX 1 TROOP >> Blue Sky at Endo Cabin - 2000
Easter Killarney Trip - 2001 Tobermory Hike - 2001
PHOENIX 2 TROOP >> Tracker Weekend First Aid - 02
Winter Camp to Crown Land - '03 Advanced Shelters - '03
Endobanna Summer - '03 French River Trip - Summer '03
Crown Land Fishing - Summer '03 Pipemaking Tracker Weekend - Jan. '04
Duck food prep - Nov. '04 Phoenix 2 - Final months