During most of my North American Travels I often visit KOAs for overnights.
There are several advantages to KOAs, not the least of which is that they're easy to find.  They always have clean restrooms and showers.  And most of the time the staff is friendly and helpful.


New York #10 - Unadilla
(Franklin, NY)

From the first moment driving into this site you could immediately tell that 
this KOA was friendly and interesting.
There was an afternoon concert going on, which was followed by an evening concert by a local artist who invited participation from the campers.  Two of the boys I was traveling with immediately took up the challenge and proceeded to wow the audience.  The management/owners were very friendly and tried to accommodate our unusual travel situation in the least expensive way.  The camp is well away from the noise of traffic.  This KOA just had a friendly, positive vibe about it. 



Pennsylvania #3 - Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mtn
East Stroudsburg, PA

In spite of the scenic landscape, this KOA quickly gave us a bad feeling.  There was a lot of chaotic bustle and noise.  The management was unhelpful and seemed quite draconian.  When I mentioned that this was one of the most expensive KOAs that I'd ever stayed at, she simply said, "Ya, we're worth it."  There was no attempt to help us find a reasonable accommodation, in fact we got the impression that they were trying to squeeze every penny possible out of us and that it was a privilege for us to stay there.  They have a strictly enforced one tent per site limit, whether that's a one man tent or an eight man tent.  Their brochure threatens to sue you per inch for any damage done to trees.  It was not camper friendly.  In spite of this Fascist attitude, there were campsites that were still outrageously noisy and kept us up till after 2:30 a.m.  So much for their strict policies.  In general, the physical facilities were good, but I'd still never stay there again.  There are lots of alternatives in the area.


Maryland #2 - Washington D.C.
Millersville, MD

A pleasant camp that was far enough from the traffic so you didn't feel you were about to be run over.  It is surrounded by a woodlot with nice trails, but there were no bugs to mention during my stay in mid August.  Sites are a little sandy, but generally nice.  Physical facilities and prices are all good.  Friendly staff.  The biggest advantage and plus for this site is its proximity to Washington D.C.  With the New Carollton Metro station just a quick 20 minute drive away, it is easy access to the capital.  Grocery stores are all 2 - 3 miles away, and not the easiest to find, but there are many great restaurants in the area, especially along the route to the Metro station.


Florida #20 - Tallahassee East/Monticello
Monticello, FL

This is a basic KOA with good basic facilities, but little extra.  That's good though, as the price is very reasonable.  As with many KOAs the main drawback is that the site is right beside a main road, and as usual, that's also the tenting area.  While sleeping in some tenting areas you have cars whizzing by less than a dozen yards from your head.  Good stop-over place.


Florida #21 - Titusville/ Kennedy Space Centre
Mims, FL

This is a good camp with clean, accessible facilities.  Nice pool.  While it is close to traffic the layout of the camp insultes you from the noise in most places (but not all).  Reasonable rates.  Friendly staff.  Camping here puts you in striking distance for many of NE Florida's best attractions, from the beaches, to the Space Centre, to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can watch manatee.  Coco Beach is just a short drive south and Daytona Beach is just a short drive north.