Tracker Weekend - ADVANCED SHELTER
Jan. 2013


Thwarted in our plans to make snow shelters, we decided to use the tipi and other old materials
to construct a debris wall shelter.

We started by driving double posts into the circumference of the proposed shelter.

This is Max showing us how to cut fingers off with a machette.

Then cross pieces were lashed to the poles to make an inner wall.

Finally the inner wall was completed. Then the outer wall was lashed, creating an 8 inch space in between.

Finally the tipi like roof was added around a centre pole.

After the tarp was added to the roof, the shelter was finished. The tarps were poorly arranged
and so a little leaky, but all in all it was a solid shelter and an amazing accomplishment.

The next morning Cory led us in some stretching exercises in preparation for his Kung Fu lesson.