With the help of Stew Oliver and Sticks & Stones Wilderness School, four of our boys had the
opportunity to construct high quality hunting bows.

First stage is take a big hunk of wood and start turning it into a toothpick.
If in doubt, consult i-Pod app on survival bow making.


Using the school's tools and work benches our hunks of wood slowly began to take shape.
Stew helped a lot with the use of a band saw.


The weather got wet on Sunday, so we had to move into the barn.
Once the back of the bow was properly prepared, it was necessary to remove wood
slowly from the belly until it started to bend like a bow.


Stew was a fantastic teacher and helped everyone, sometimes working on thier bows
to save them a lot of time, using his skill and strength.
He made the weekend a huge success and we are very greatful.