Zomies and Go Bags
Tracker Weekend, Nov. 2012


After spending several meetings on go bag construction we tested them
by staging a Zombie Apocalypse at the Nov. Tracker Weekend .

Non Zombies were woken up by an alarm at 4 a.m on Sat. morning, had to grab their go bags,
and spend the rest of the day and evening outdoors, stalked by zombies to keep things interesting.

If caught, humans became zombies for a period of time.
Camo, hiding and building a defendable campsite were their main passtimes when not fighting for their lives.

During the day messages were left on a whiteboard with a map showing
them where they could find things like water and weapons.

It was a fun day and allowed the boys to test out their go bag preparations.
Thanks to everyone who helped plan and play on the day.