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Body Comouflage - Way of the Scout

Nature,Tracking• 24th Nov, 12 •


Most people who come through my advanced tracking/nature awareness classes are surprised to learn that there is more to the art of body camouflage than buying some camo clothes or dabbing on some mud. In fact, camouflage is an art form as varied as the landscape and the individual animals that inhabit it. What I hope to accomplish in the following paragraphs is to give the student first-hand knowledge of this forgotten art form, enabling him to hide himself in any landscape with little or no cover.

Selecting the area is of utmost importance. First you must find a suitable transition area free of pushdowns and escape routes, indicating that the area will be a good one to lay in wait. Animals in these areas are less spooky and more at ease, especially in the feeding areas. A place to hide must then be selected, close to a trail, within' touching distance of the animal, with very little cover for yourself, and a place where the animal will feel at ease.



Tom Brown Jr. Emergency Checklist

Survival, • 24st Nov, 12 •


All of you who have been through my classes know that I am not an alarmist. Instead, I am just the opposite. To me, blizzards, floods and all the rest are not disasters but adventures. I always ask, "What are you going to tell your grandchildren 25 years from now?" Are you going to tell them about the traffic jam that you got caught in on the commute home, or are you going to tell them of the great blizzard or flood that you lived through".



Edible Plants - Tom Brown jr.

Food,Survival• 24th Nov, 12 •


"Tom Brown, Jr."

It's very difficult to write a survival article on wild foods that will be relevant to readers in a broad range of areas and terrains. Therefore, I've tried to include a variety of widely distributed plants that can be easily identified and are—for the most part—to be found throughout the year.



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