Please keep this information to yourself.
We do not want to create a group which has too many members,
or create any bad feelings.
Potential new members are chosen from boys that we think will work well together to create a strong group.



Potential new members may be able to participate in Spring and Summer events before 
formally beginning a new group in September.  
If interested please contact Peter Wiinholt at

905 473 4282

April 2 - 5
Again, this one has to be weather permitting.  If there is still too much snow it is too difficult a hike.
This is a hike involving wilderness hiking in a remote area.  Cost will be about $35 - $40 for the weekend, plus food, plus we're hoping to have an Easter Dinner at the Killarney Lodge on Sunday night.  We would be leaving either Thursday evening (April 1st) or very early on Friday morning.  We would return early afternoon on Monday the 5th.

TRACKER WEEKEND : APRIL 16 - 18 ? (Date may change.)
Hide Tanning Workshop
Where we learn how to skin an animal and tan the hide in the traditional way.

Camp Endobanna is a non-profit Camp which we have helped maintain for the past 25 years.
On this date volunteers are needed to assist with maintenance, clean-up, painting, raking and other things.  Weekend is free.  Adults/Parents are welcome and encouraged.
In future years participants will be able to use work weekends towards their required High School Service Hours.  

Endobanna Group Camp
This is a standing camp which is held at Camp Endobanna, near Norland.
As our camps go, this one is a luxury, sleeping in cabins, cooked meals and a waterfront.
There's even a hot tub and sauna!
We will be sharing the camp with other Four Arrows Groups, but will have our own special program.
This is 5 days, all included, for a total of $185.  (The exact dates have yet to be settled, but it would be during the span of July 2 - 11.)  Shorter stays can be pro-rated.

This would be an excellent introduction to the Four Arrows Family, and will focus on a lot of basic skills.