The Four Arrows Phoenix & Raven Troops are no longer active.
This site is an archive of almost ten years of 
meetings, camps and good times.

Information for current alumni activities can be found
on the
Raven Bulletin page.

This group was dedicated to the study
of native traditions, nature awareness and wilderness survival
using "Tracker" skills, as taught by Tom Brown Jr. and the Tracker School.

"In my mind there are only four things people seek in life - peace, love, joy, and purpose - and these can only be found within ourselves. ... We must teach children to savor every moment and to follow goals directed by their hearts, not their minds or their wallets. They must learn to live by their intuition, not the dictates of external 'shoulds' and social demands."
(Tom Brown, Jr.; Field Guide to Nature and Survival for Children )

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Oct. 6 - Photo of Phoenix / Raven posted here

Sept. 1 - Slide show from summer 2007 trip posted here!

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