6. Laws of The Seton Society

1. Support the tribe. Respect the final decisions of your Council and cooperate cheerfully. Don not attempt to undermine the group or its leaders.

2. Participate fully, with courage and determination. This is the forge of self-discipline.

3. Strive to keep yourself and your camp clean. Strive to be clean in speech.

4. The only use of tobacco is as a burnt sacrifice to the Great Spirit in ceremony, and as a helper in prayer or meditation. No smoking is permitted at meetings or camps, as it is a weakness of physical and mental discipline.

5. All mind altering substances wreck our bodies and warp our wisdom.

6. The Great Spirit made all things and we have no right to unmake them other than in sincere and reverent use. Life is sacred. Observe the Conservation Pledge at all times.

7. Show patience and kindness to those who do not have your strength and experience, so that you teachers may show the same to you.

8. Do not be too quick to speak before your teachers and elders. Speak after you have listened to good council. Silence makes thoughts worth telling.

9. Respect all worship and forms of the Great Spirit.

10. The greatest strengths are one's word of honour, fairness, patience and willingness to learn.

11. Value life and all aspects of the world as magical and beautiful. Strive to be aware. If you fall into the rut of taking things for granted, you live in a grey, tepid world.