In August of '06 the RAVEN Troop spent 11 days hiking on the Bruce Trail.
Starting south of Wiarton, the 5 Explorers and 4 Leaders hiked just over 110 km
to their ending point at Cape Chin.  

A "highlight" of the trip was having our picture taken with Wiarton Willie!

After much thought, Kevin decided to leave his pink umbrella behind on the hike.

Many of the boys chose to sleep in hammocks, 
which were very practical on the parts of the trail
not having cleared campsites.

Others improvised any way they could.  The bug problem was very moderate.

On the trail, with Cole's expert help and daring, the Explorers 
treated themselves to many delicacies from the wild.
We had wild leek soup, wild ginger tea, roasted grasshoppers and noodles,
 wild peas, and many other treats.
We looked longingly at the wild turkeys, but decided to leave them alone.

The hiking was rough in many places.

Most of the hike followed the top of the Escarpment Cliffs along Georgian Bay,
providing many amazing vistas.

For the last few days of the trip we were joined by Hildegard and two of her grandsons. 
They got to enjoy one of the best campsites of the trip, at Reed's Dump.

After, we returned to Hildegard's home for some great eating,
-especially the cheesecake!
-Followed by a great BBQ and swim at the home of another friend on the trip, Cale.