August 2005

Tracker "Scout" Weekend

After practicing our scout skills at the Crown Land camp,
we put them to use at the Tracker gathering in late August

Mock missions, team strategies and trip wire traps were the main topics.


Games are taken much more seriously when the stakes are high.
Players of one game agreed to a unique penalty for the losers. 


Sunday morning the neighbors were treated to the sight of
half our group being walked as dogs down the street, their underwear.




Later in Sept. we returned to the Browns'
for a camping weekend.

We visited a local tannery which had
a huge variety of leather goods.


Much of our time was spent with food.
We had a classy Sat. night meal, cooked over a fire.



On Sunday we went on a plant walk to identify edible plants.

We gathered wild ginger roots and boiled them into ginger syrup.


Other activities included spinning wool and cordage making with nettles.