October 2005

Warsaw Debris Shelters

Fall is the perfect time for building debris shelters.  Lots of leaves!!
The Explorers attacked the old task with the aim of making shelters that would
keep them warm and dry on a 5 degree, rainy night.
Attention to detail was a primary focus!

Dimensions were carefully measured and location carefully considered.

Once the inner skeleton is complete, the real job of gathering debris for the covering begins.
Two feet or more of debris is required for a waterproof and insulating covering.

Once there is enough debris, there is always the additional puzzle of the doorway.
It needs to support the debris around it and it needs to be pluggable. 

Most boys were able to complete the night, although all agreed that even more debris was needed to make the shelters comfortable.  Hot rocks were used to pre-heat the inside, but they were found to be of limited value with the given insulation.